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Giles Hopkins’ First Year at Plymouth

Giles Hopkins sailed to America in the Mayflower. Who will he meet now? What will he discover?

Follow this historical boy’s adventures in the New World!

“I have had the pleasure of getting to know Rebekka Parry when she and her family have visited Plymouth to discover the rich Christian heritage of our country. She is a great researcher that has a unique ability to dig through primary sources to find the true and human story of our country. Being a mother she has an ability to relate to children and write in a style that is relatable and teachable at the same time. I highly recommend this book.”

Leo Martin

Educational Director, The Jenney Museum

“Rebekka Parry (author of young readers’ story on Pilgrims’ Indian friend Hobomok), again, has penned a time transporting history book for young readers. What was it like to be a boy in the Mayflower Pilgrim community at Plymouth, 400 years ago? Giles Hopkins was one boy who lived the answer to that question. Mrs. Parry’s action packed and picturesque fact-based story, of Giles Hopkins’ first year at Plymouth, provides an entertaining portrayal of typical and unusual life experiences that Giles Hopkins faced, as the Mayflower Pilgrims learned to live with new challenges in the New World, while making new Indian friends, such as Samoset, Squanto, and chief Massasoit. Enjoyable and informative!”

Dr. James J.S. Johnson

Historian, Institute for Creation Research


Rebekka Parry

Rebekka Parry grew up near the Coastal Mountains in British Columbia. She met her husband, Dan, in Northeast Pennsylvania. She enjoys homeschooling and all the adventures a large family brings. Rebekka is passionate about sharing American history with kids of all ages. She loves writing and homeschooling in a rural setting. Her children’s books include Hobomok and Thanksgiving (November 2019) and Giles Hopkins’ First Year at Plymouth (June 2020). Read her article in The Old Schoolhouse Magazine!

“Thank you so much for visiting our school and sharing the Pilgrim’s story with us! You all did a wonderful job on your presentation! It was informative and attention-grabbing. We look forward to next years’!”

Rock Solid Academy

“Great Homeschool class today learning about the Mayflower journey. Thanks Pilgrim Presentations by the Parry Family!”

Abington Community Library

“Great job bringing history to life Parry family!”

Ellen May

"Hobomok and Thanksgiving is a well-told story of a little known event revealing much about the faith of the Pilgrims and why they set aside Days of Thanksgiving. I highly commend this work by Rebekka Parry which will be enjoyed by children and adults alike."

Stephen McDowell
President, Providence Foundation

"In a time when our faith is being persistently attacked by secularists, Rebekka Parry tells a story of faith our children, and adults, need to hear. I hope this will be one of many more stories that will help awaken our people to their Godly heritage and turn their faces back toward God."

Dr. Rick Saccone
Former State Representative in Pennsylvania, speaker, and author of God in our Government

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We don’t get bogged down in the dates but in the people and stories of the past. What did they wear? How did they live? What did they believe? How do their actions and stories impact us today? When we bring our programs to you, we strive to make history tangible and relevant to the audience. (That might mean stroking a beaver pelt or trying on a felt hat.) We think history is fun, and we enjoy sharing it with you!

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